Photo Essays
1. Exile’s Return
2. Chaplin’s Parents
3. Hannah Chaplin’s Femmes Fatales
4. Playing Dress-Up  In The Land of Make Believe
5. Teenage Girls and Fear of Aging
6. Chaplin’s Three Teenage Wives
7. Mildred Harris
8. Lita Grey
9. Oona O’Neill
10. Chaplin’s Father
11. A Royal Lion
12. Vesta Tilley as Bertie
13. Ella Shields as Bertie
14. Making A Living
15. The Lion Comique’s Son: Dressed Like A Bum
16. Monsieur Verdoux as a Lion Comique
17. Calvero as a Lion Comique
18. The Lion Comique’s Son in the Limelight
19. Charlie as a Child
20. The Kid’s Lucky Break
21. Syd Chaplin
22. A Family Album of Theatrical Drunks
23. Chaplin’s Family Romance
24. Edna Purviance
25. Purviance’s Influence on Chaplin’s Character
26. Essanay
27. Chaplinitis
28. Chaplin’s Predecessors
29. Eye Contact: Audience-Performer Intimacy
30. Chaplin the Auteur
31. Chaplin’s Two Autobiographies
32. Going It Alone
33. The Circus
34. Autobiographical Starvation Scenes From The Gold Rush
35. Autobiographical Madness Scenes in Modern Times
36. Two British Music Hall Traditions and Topical Comedy
37. The Great Dictator
38. Fatal Attraction: Joan Barry
39. Monsieur Verdoux: Guillotine or Hatchet Job?
40. Limelight
Chaplin: A Life In Film
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 The Circus
Posted on January 7th, 2009

It was with great sadness that I learned today of the death of Dick Seaver. He was the editor of CHAPLIN A LIFE and I count my lucky stars that I had his guidance and intelligence in shaping this book. Dick’s passing marks the end of an era in [...]

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Jan 25th @ 6:00 P.M. Free Screening & Discussion of THE KID (1921) Chaplin’s 1st Feature Length Masterpiece at Books & Books in Coral Gables

Posted on January 1st, 2009

Ten days after the death of his firstborn infant son, 30-year-old Charlie Chaplin began interviewing child actors for this previously unplanned film in which his Little Tramp finds, adopts and raises an abandoned infant who grows to be a miniature version of himself. The child actor is Jackie Coogan.

Charlie & Jackie in the film THE [...]

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